Bulk oils

Bulk oils

You can order bulk CBD oils to bottle yourself or use as an ingredient in your own products.

What is your MOQ for bulk oils?

The minimum order quantity for bulk CBD oil is 1kg of any chosen blend.

How much CBD is in a 1kg bottle

When filling 10ml bottles we normally get between 102 – 103 units for a 1kg bottle of oil. This works...

What type of containers do you use to supply your bulk CBD Oil?

Our bulk CBD oil is supplied in aluminium bottles with a food-grade coating.

If I buy 2kg of 10% oil and 3 kgs of 5% oil can I get the 5kg pricing for both

Due to our production costs you only qualify for volume discounts if you order the same type of oil.

Does my bulk CBD order include a COA?

We provide in-house COA for all bulk orders. If you require a third party COA with your company name on...