CBD Oils

CBD Oils

Common questions about the types of CBD oils we offer, the raw materials we use, production methods and carrier oil options.
Full Spectrum / Natural Oils

Learn more about our full spectrum, natural CBD products with max 0.2% THC

Broad spectrum / Distillate oils

Our Broad Spectrum oils are made with CBD distillate and contain max 0.01% THC

Pure / Isolate oils

Our CBD isolate blends are made with pure CBD, Zero THC

Bulk oils

You can order bulk CBD oils to bottle yourself or use as an ingredient in your own products.

Shelf life of products

For information on the storage and shelf-life of our products find out more here.

THC levels

You can find more information on the THC levels in our products here.

Custom blends with additives.

Here you can find more information for any custom blends or specific additives you would like to add to your oils.

Can I register CBD oil as a Cosmetic in the CPNP?

For cosmetics registration of CBD Oil’s we have full cosmetics dossiers and CPSR for: CBD Isolate in MCT – 5,...