CBG blends

CBG blends

Is it possible to order custom blended CBG oil samples?

We are happy to blend any custom samples you require. Custom blend sample pricing depends on the strength you order...

Can CBG oil blends be registered as cosmetics?

Yes as long as they are made with CBG Isolate and don’t contain any other minor cannabinoids or THC.  We...

What type of hemp does CBG come from?

CBG is found in high levels in certain strains of hemp like Santhica. It is also found in other hemp...

How is pure CBG Isolate extracted?

CBG is extracted using supercritical CO2 followed by molecular distillation and  by chromatographic Isolation to purify to 99.5% CBG 

Can I choose a different carrier oil for CBG Blends?

We are happy to substitute your choice of carrier oil for no extra cost for your CBG oil blend.

What is your MOQ for bulk CBG oils?

The minimum order quantity for bulk CBG oil is 1kg of any chosen blend.