Water Soluble CBD

Water Soluble CBD

What types of water soluble CBD do you offer?

We offer three main types of water soluble CBD. Nano Emulsified Water soluble liquid made with CBD isolate or CBD...

Does your water soluble liquid contain terpenes?

Yes, the distillate version of our water soluble liquid does contain terpenes. Some of our customers use the distillate version...

What is the particle size of your water soluble liquid?

Our nano-emulsification process delivers a small particle size, less than 250 nanometers, allowing our water soluble liquids to be integrated...

Which types of products use your water soluble liquid?

From canned beverages to high-end cosmetics, brands use our water-soluble liquid in a wide variety of products and applications.

Does your water soluble liquid contain any surfactants?

Yes. We use surfactants to stabilize our water-soluble liquid and ensure that the droplets of CBD remain evenly dispersed in...

Does your water soluble powder contain any GMOs or artificial preservatives?

No. Our water soluble powder is formulated to contain no GMOs, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.

What is the particle size of your water soluble powder?

Our water-soluble powder has a uniform particle size of 200-300 nanometers.

What’s the difference between water soluble powder and CBD isolate powder?

Our water-soluble powder is formulated to mix easily into any aqueous solution, whereas CBD isolate will sit on the surface...

How is your water soluble powder made?

Our water-soluble powder is made using a proven food-grade process. The process uses no synthetic ingredients or emulsifiers and borrows...

Does your Tasteless Water soluble contain any artificial preservatives?

No. Our Tasteless water-soluble contains no sodium benzoate, no parabens and no harmful preservatives.