Bulk CBD – Extracts & Blends – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have created this FAQ to answer the most common questions we receive concerning purchasing Bulk CBD Extracts and CBD Oil Blends. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact our customer support via email info@cbdoileurope.com and one of our experts will help you.

Is it possible to order CBD Oil samples?

Yes, we offer samples of our blends, extracts, and isolate products as a service to our existing customers.

We also provide samples to new clients who want to test the quality of our products before committing to a larger order.

CBD Blends Sample Pack

Our standard CBD blends sample pack consists of three different 3% oils to demonstrate the different blends we can produce, their organoleptic properties and the carrier oils we use.

Each sample contains 300mg of CBD

3% CBD+CBDa, natural extract in organic hempseed oil <0.2% THC – 10mL 300mg
3% CBD, purified extract in refined hempseed oil <0.05% THC – 10mL 300mg
3% CBD, isolate in MCT – ZERO THC 10mL 300mg

All samples come with a COA for their specific batch number.

The blends sample pack costs €36 ex VAT plus shipping

Custom Blend CBD Oil Samples

We have over 108 different CBD blends and carrier oil possibilities. We keep a few common samples in stock.

We are happy to blend any custom sample you require.

Custom blend samples pricing depends on the strength you order and how much you require. Samples available from 10mL- 500mL

Isolate Samples

99.5% CBD Isolate – Pure Cannabidiol Crystals ZERO THC  – 2g
95% CBD Terpsolate – CBD Isolate plus terpenes ZERO THC – 2g
90% CBD Crumble – Phyto-organic CBD crystals ZERO THC – 2g

Isolate samples cost €50 each ex VAT plus shipping

Refined Extract Samples

68% Purified Extract – Golden, near crystallization <0.08% THC – 2g
65% Winterized Extract – Dark golden, liquid(ish). <0.15% THC – 2g

Refined extract samples cost €50 each ex VAT plus shipping

Crude Extract Samples

10% CBD + CBDA Raw Extract <0.2% CBD
20% CBD + CBDA Raw Extract <0.2% CBD
30% CBD + CBDA Raw Extract <0.2% CBD
50% CBD + CBDA Raw Extract <0.2% CBD

Crude extract samples pricing depends on the strength you order and how much you require. Samples available from 2g – 500g

Do you have any free samples

We have made it a policy to set the pricing of our samples at our cost price, taking into account the actual administration, providing COA’s & technical specifications and the post and packaging required to service a new client. For this reason we ask a small charge for samples. If you place an actual order we are very happy to deduct the cost of your sample from your future order.

If you are an existing customer we offer free samples at our discretion.

What type of carriers oil’s do you offer and what is their country of origin? What is their shelf life and expiry date?

Organic Hemp Seed Oil – (Source: Germany) – 1 year expiry
Refined Hemp Seed Oil – (Source: Germany) – 18 months expiry
MCT oil – (Source – Germany) – 24 months expiry
Olive Oil – (Source – Italy) – 18 months expiry

Do all your carrier oils cost the same?

There is no difference in price between our carrier oils, they all cost the same.

What is the difference in taste between the carrier oils

Organic hemp seed oil has a distinctive nutty taste, this taste is totally absent with refined hempseed oil. the richness but instability of organic oil is sacrificed to achieve good shelf life (complete stability)

MCT has excellent properties, this is why it’s so common in skincare and food supplements. It has no flavour.

Why does the full spectrum extract taste so strong?

Most of the strong taste comes from using a natural extract.  If you want to go for full spectrum, natural oils (full spectrum blend) are the way to go. the taste is unavoidable without compromising on the full spectrum.

Can you get high or test positive for THC by consuming full spectrum products?

Normal usage of the product doesn’t result in a positive THC test as far as we are aware, but that’s a consideration your clients should make for themselves. It is possible if large amounts of CBD are consumed on a daily basis and it builds up in the body. 

What is the legal situation regarding selling CBD oil in the EU

Each country in the EU has slightly different regulations regarding CBD. They fall into three main categories

Max 0.2% THC – this is the standard in most EU countries
Max 0.05% THC – this is the standard in countries like Holland
Zero THC – this is the standard in countries like France.

It also depends if you market your products as food supplements or cosmetics. Each has a different set of regulations.

CBD Food supplements are currently under scrutiny regarding novel food status. You can read more about these issue on our website under resources.

How many drops are in a bottle?

A standard dropper can dispense between 20 – 25 drops per millilitre (ml), depending on viscosity ( this changes depending on the temperature the oil is kept at)

One drop is generally considered to be 0.05ml  – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drop_(unit)

A 10ml bottle will contain 200 drops
A 30ml bottle will contain 600 drops

Many companies over exaggerate this number so that clients can calculate their monthly usage. Hence 300 drops fits nicely to a 1 month supply at 10 drops a day.

We don’t generally measure by the full pipette as the amount varies if the bulb has not been full depressed.

How many mg of CBD is in each drop?

This depends on the strength of the CBD oil

for a 10ml 5% oil containing 500mg one drop will contain 2.5mg of CBD
for a 10ml 10% oil containing 1000mg one drop will contain 5mg of CBD

What is the weight of a 10ml finished product, boxed and labelled?

A finished 10mL CBD oil product weighs 41g

A finished 30mL CBD oil product weighs 70g

What is the origin of your CBD oil? Where is it grown? Where is it Extracted?

Our  CBD oil comes from the subalpine region of the European Union and is made from EU certified strains of Industrial Hemp.

Our CBD is extracted in several European countries including Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia. The exact location depends on the type of product you order.

Do you sell Organic certified/Bio certified CBD Oil?

We have been certified by SKAL bio inspection, the dutch governing agency of ‘certified organic’ logo. Our certified organic products carry the code ‘NL-BIO-001’. Certified organic products trade at a premium and are listed in the ‘certified organic products’ catalogue.

You can view our organic certification here:

How much more expensive are organic/bio certified products cost?

Organic products will be significantly more expensive than regular products. We will be releasing our Organic/Bio price list shortly. We are happy to give you a quote if you require these type of products right now.

Is organic certified CBD better than your standard CBD?

When you use the green EU organic logo on your products you are conveying a message to your customers that guarantees the safety and quality of the product they are purchasing. You can also charge a premium price for organic certified products. That being said, we hold our regular supply to the same standards of cleanliness as any certified organic product so in terms of quality there is not really much difference.