CBD Oil Europe and CBD Consultancy Group have created these terms and conditions to ensure both the buyer and the seller are fairly protected. By using our website and ordering any bulk product from us you agree to be bound legally by these terms and conditions.


After we ascertain your specific needs we will create a tailor made estimate for you based on your order size and the product requested. This is only a price indication and is subject to change due to product availability and supply chain issues. We will let you know the expected lead time so you can decide whether to proceed.

Once you accept our estimate we will prepare a sales order for you and guarantee the price specified for a period of 14 days.

Payment should be made via bank transfer within this 14 day time window. If your payment is late we reserve the right to adjust the invoice amount if there has been any major price fluctuation in the interim period.

Once your payment has cleared we will ship the product to you accompanied by the necessary paperwork and legal documentation, COA etc.

White Label & Private Label

CBD Oil Europe guarantees the quality of the products and glassware that we supply in our white label and private label program that has been subject to our internal due diligence. We do not accept any responsibility for any deviations from our standard operating procedures for example – clients who supply custom glassware, or for custom formulations not in our product catalogue.

Shipping & Customs

We ship all bulk consignments via UPS, DPD & Eurosender couriers. CBD Consultancy Group accepts no responsibility for any issues encountered landing the goods in your selected country. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the product you purchase is legal in your country and you are allowed to import this product for your specific purposes. You must pay any extra local duties, taxes and import charges that you may incur. If the product is held up by customs for whatever reason it is 100% your responsibility.

Within the EU shipments are sent on Incoterms CIP Carriage and Insurance paid.

Although we are obliged to arrange for insurance for the journey, the rule only requires a minimum level of cover, which may be commercially unrealistic. Therefore the level of cover may need to be increased and is the buyers responsibility.

For shipments outside the EU they are sent Ex-Works

This means it’s your responsibility to arrange whatever import documents you need. It means it’s your responsibility if the package gets held for whatever reason in customs. We are happy to facilitate the shipment for you and provide the necessary COA & Invoice relating to the value of the shipment and any other documentation relating to the products origin and technical specifications.


If you wish to take out insurance for a high value shipment we can arrange this via our designated carrier or you can arrange this independently via a carrier of your choice.

Refunds & Returns

CBD Consultancy group guarantee to provide the product you requested at the price specified on the sales order. If for whatever reason we are unable to supply this product in the time frame specified you are entitled to a full refund which will be deposited in the same bank account that it was originally sent from.

Please check all goods received immediately on delivery. If the package is damaged or appears to have been opened, please take a photograph of the packaging so we can use this for any insurance claims.  

Contact us immediately if anything is amiss with your order so we can help resolve the problem. After 10 days the shipment is considered as accepted and no refund or returns will be considered after this time.

Returns will only be accepted if the product does not meet the agreed specifications and is returned to us unopened and in the original packaging.  

If you open any product or take a sample from a bulk container for independent testing you have now accepted the product and no return or refund is possible without our express agreement and is entirely at our discretion.


This agreement is governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Netherlands and any disputes arising from it shall be referred exclusively to the court of Middelburg, The Netherlands where our company is registered.