What are the most important benefits of CBD gummies and candies?

Benefits of CBD gummies and candies

It’s no question that CBD gummies are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are they very tasty, eating cannabinoid gummies instead of administering regular CBD products like oils will offer consumers a number of additional benefits:

1. One of the most convenient dosage forms

CBD gummies are very easy to use since you don’t have to accurately measure your intake. With regular CBD oil you’ll have to count the amount of drops you ingest to get a good dosage. Using gummies over oil takes care of this problem since each gummy contains exactly the same amount of CBD. This is one of the major convenience benefits when you compare CBD gummies vs CBD oil.

2. Perfect for users who dislike the natural cannabinoid extract flavour

While some people may find the natural flavours of CBD extracts to be pleasant, others may not. This is why gummies are a perfect solution for those who want to ingest CBD without the taste sensation of cannabis. A lot of consumers will agree that they taste great, so be careful you don’t indulge in them like you would with regular candy.

3. CBD absorption through mucous membranes and digestive system

There’s still very little research on how the absorption and effects of cannabinoid gummies differ from other cannabinoid edibles. However, from our anecdotal experience we believe that CBD gummies may have a two-phased absorption process. When you chew on a gummy, CBD gets absorbed through the mucous membranes. After you swallow it and start digesting the gummy, the remaining CBD can be absorbed through the digestive system.

4. Allows the administration of CBD in full discretion

Since CBD gummies look just like regular gummies that you will find in a candy store, using them in public spaces will not draw any unwanted attention towards its users. If you feel uncomfortable taking CBD oil at the office, on the train or any other public spaces, gummies are the answer to your problem.

5. CBD gummies can be made 100% vegan

Most gummies are produced using regular gelatin, the same ingredient used for the production of most regular gummies and candies. However, the use of gelatin can be a problem for those who are looking for a CBD product that goes hand-in-hand with their vegan lifestyle. Luckily, gummies can also be produced with non-animal based ingredients like pectin, making them perfectly suitable for vegans.

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