CBD Business Opportunities for Sports & CBD Oil for MMA


CBD Oil for MMA Fighters

There has been a surge of interest in CBD from the martial arts recently. Nate Diaz famously took out his CBD vape pen immediately after his fight with Connor McGregor, sparking a wave of interest around the world. Since then we have seen a big increase in the usage of CBD oil for MMA.

So what benefits could an MMA fighter have by taking CBD directly after a fight?

Nate Diaz commented, when asked directly after the fight: ‘It’s CBD, it helps with healing process and inflammation and stuff like that’ and ‘You wanna get these for before and after a fight, training and stuff, it make your life a better place.’

Mr. Diaz is no doctor, but there is a lot of research published that suggests there might be something there.

There are several studies regarding the possible neuroprotective properties of CBD, and the results are promising enough to prompt the United States government to file for a patent on the neuroprotective properties of CBD. https://patents.google.com/patent/US6630507

The surge in interest has led a number of CBD brands to start advertising ringside, and anybody following MMA will have seen advertisments for products such as CBD water and CBD capsules.


CBD Oil used by NFL Players

MMA is not the only sport where CBD is on the rise: a lot of NFL (National Football League, USA) players are experimenting with it as well, and for largely similar reasons. In American Football, head trauma is commonplace and has caused a number of scandals recently. Players of the sport have been open about their use of CBD, in an effort to mitigate cases of traumatic brain injury. If you want to read more about this, we recommend this https://www.projectcbd.org/science/no-brainer-cbd-and-thc-head-injuries article by Martin Lee (the writer of Smoke Signals, a socio political story of cannabis).

We expect the professional sports world to become one of the main drivers for CBD into the mainstream. Many athletes today seem convinced by it’s benefits, and they are strong opinion leaders.

Opportunities for Sports Businesses and Gym Owners

If you are operating a sports business, we would like to explore the different ways your business can profit from the rising popularity of CBD. A gym is an excellent place for selling CBD products, and if you have a sufficiently big client base, we can create private label CBD products for you. Your brand can focus specifically on CBD Oil for MMA fighters, with specific brand appeal.


You can help your clients discover this amazing product, and generate extra income at the same time. We will gladly help you understand the ins and outs of this emerging field, so you can add maximum value for your customer base.

Please contact us so we can explore the possibilities together.

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