How to find a CBD friendly Payment Processor for your E-commerce business

CBD Friendly Payment Processors

Who offers payment gateways to the “high-risk” CBD business?


One of the biggest challenges in (online) trading of CBD products is likely to be finding a payment solution provider (PSP). Because CBD, although widely accepted by the population, still has a reputation for being an illegal intoxicant. Hopefully with the recent vote in the UN concerning the scheduling of Cannabis this will change in the future. Within the PSP’s it is thus regarded as a so-called ‘high-risk’ business and is thus on a level with gambling or adult entertainment. As a relatively young industry, CBD trading is said to be at greater risk of having to deal with defaults, credit card fraud or chargebacks. We know that this is probably untrue, as a CBD company you will pay extra charges because of this classification and have to jump through more hoops.  

Below we offer a list of European PSPs (yes, there are a few more in the US) that differ not only in cost. Due to the rather inconsistent release of CBD products (e.g. In terms of THC content) within Europe, these providers are also very interested in the product range of your online shop.

When applying you should ensure you know the details of the type of products you sell, their manufacturing method. The level of THC they contain and have a valid third party COA (certificate of analysis) with your company name on it, proving this.


What you should pay attention to when selecting your PSP.


  1. Reliability – there is hardly a worse situation than if the PSP’s abruptly ends the cooperation and shuts down your shop. Pay attention to the terms and conditions! In our opinion you should always have a backup payment gateway in case one goes down or unexpectedly terminates your account.
  2. Technical implementation – most have some kind of API, plugin or interface between the hosts of your webshop, the payment provider and your bank. It is best to check that your webshop is supported.
  3. Costs – there are various visible costs and hidden cost here. All providers are of course interested in the highest possible turnover and will also select the cooperation with you according to whether your shop can guarantee this or will offer in a short time. For      startups with no proven track record or sales history, this means you will get poorer terms and conditions, compared to an existing business with a proven sales track record. Remember you can renegotiate in the future if you are successful.
  4. Customer support – good, quickly reachable customer support is important. It is best to have a personal contact person. In case of cases, you will spend a longer time with the support.
  5. Payments – How do your customers want to pay. You don’t have to offer all the exotic ways to pay, but certainly the most popular like Visa and Mastercard. Which means of payment have the greatest potential – check the regions you intend to sell in, for example  SOFORT in Germany, Klarna in Holland & Germany, Mobile pay in Scandinavia, (Don’t forget crypto currencies like bitcoin). Unfortunately Paypal do not allow CBD companies to use their platform at this time. 



Logo B2Bpay




Factory Berlin, 

Rheinsberger Straße 76/77,

10115 Berlin



Telephone (Germany) +4915738770969

Telephone (Finland) +35846 6397210





Start at 5% MDR (Merchant Discount Rate)

5% rolling reserve

No setup fee



zing logo




1 St. Peter’s Square,

2nd Floor, Office 104

M2 3DE


United Kingdom


Telephone: +442880090001 /+447444705044 (mobile)




Pricing Model IC++ (Interchange and card scheme fees added to base rate at face value)

Discount Rate 1.85%

Transaction fee €0.25 (per successful transaction, incl. 3DS fee and; no cost for declines)

Refund fee €1.00 per refund

Chargeback fee €35 per chargeback

Setup fee €0

Monthly fee €7 (PCI compliance fee)

Settlement terms Weekly + 3 days

Risk provision 5% for 130 days if in business > 1 year; otherwise 10% for 130 days


Regarding fraud and chargebacks, CBD merchants are treated as any other merchant category in that they are subject to scheme thresholds, meaning less than 1%.  Since all configs are 3DS these days coming into the SCA implementation deadline of December 31, we anticipate that in general the only chargebacks will be collaboration disputes, eg. product not delivered, not as expected, or refund agreed but not provided etc.  Obviously if there was some significant occurrence of this sort of dispute we’d be interested in knowing why, but otherwise a few CBs in any business are expected and not a big deal.


Total Processing

totalprocessing logo



Total Processing Ltd.

72 Gartside Street


M3 3EL


Telephone: 0330 041 4768




We have a maximum limit of 0.09% THC and would require lab reports to show this for all products that are on your website.


eupaymentz logo



EU Paymentz
District 28 Manyovo Bardo Str., 4th floor, apt. 13
Ovcha Kupel
Sofia District (Capital), Sofia Municipality
Sofia 1618

Telephone: +44 1244 94 1125




We can do CBD merchants, but matters on your monthly turnover? No answer, since i said 10K€ per month for the beginning



viva wallet logo




Netherlands branch-

Johan van Hasseltweg 2 A3

1022VW Amsterdam

the Netherlands

Telephone: +31612489554




Yes we do provide our service to CBD company’s, we have a wide network of customers within this sector.

We’ve got two restrictions from the company, the products must got less than 0,05% THC in it and our customers has to provide us 3 lab reports of different products.

Viva Wallet exists for more than 20 years now, we’re based in 23 country’s within Europe and we provide entrepreneurs our cloud based solution to accept payments physically and online.

We create an account for our customers which generate an API which could be implemented in the Woocommerce environment. We’ve got an app which could be downloaded in the app/play store to mange your online payments in realtime 24/7.

Beside the transaction costs , we don’t have additional costs like service costs/monthly fee or something like that.



And then there are high-risk PSPs, which may be very good. Unfortunately, however, we will never know, as you are supposed to go through an elaborate verification process there before you even receive an offer. We don’t think much of revealing everything without knowing what:



ikajo logo




Kingsfordweg 151

1043 GR Amsterdam

The Netherlands


Telephone: +31204919202





we can support CBD is this is not a startup and director of the company is EU citizen.

Once we pre-approval your application with our partner-banks we will come up with a pricing offer.

In case of approval processing fee will be around 6%.



payspacelv logo




Lizuma iela 1 k-12


Republic of Latvia

Telehone: +371 678 818 46





A real psp, working with many types of businesses.

We work with CBD if you have a European company + processing history + turnover from 50,000 USD

Please fill out the application form attached herewith and provide documents requested in the end of the app form and we’ll be able to start the on-boarding process right away.

If your UBO is a citizen of the European Union we can connect you to this solution



Set up fee 1500

Monthly fee

paid from the turnover: 200 EUR

Transaction fee: 0,7 EUR

Decline fee: 0,7 EUR

Chargeback: 85 EUR


Processing fee: 4,5%

Rolling Reserve: 10% for 180 days

Processing currencies: USD, EUR, local currencies




Rates of 1.2% + 0.25 EUR (for EU cards).

No a setup fee,

Rolling reserve of 10-15% for 180 days (depending on the transaction volumes).

They also have localized payment methods we offer, dependent on the country of sign up.


Our goal is to simplify your payment processes, enhance your customers’ shopping experience, and ensure secure transactions.
Here’s why partnering with us can benefit your CBD business:
  1. Compliance Expertise: We understand the complexities of CBD transactions and can guide you through the legal and regulatory requirements.
  2. Seamless Integration: Our payment solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing e-commerce platform, offering customizable options for recurring payments, subscriptions, and secure checkouts.
  3. Robust Security: We prioritize data security, employing encryption, tokenization, and fraud detection tools to protect your business and customers.
  4. Global Payment Capabilities: Expand your business internationally with our support for multiple currencies and payment methods.
  5. Dedicated Support: Our experienced team provides 24/7 customer support to ensure a smooth payment experience.



MDRThe merchant discount rate, sometimes also called transfer discount rate (TDR) is the rate charged to a merchant for payment processing services on debit and credit card transactions. Before accepting debit and credit cards as payment, the merchant must set up this service and agree to the rate.

Rolling reserve – Is that reserve retained by the payment provider/bank in order to settle possible repayments. It is “rolling” because it is a certain percentage of payments that is withheld for an agreed time.

Transaction fee – The fixed or percentage fee charged to the credit card company and the banks involved for each purchase.

Chargeback – The fee for the processing of a justified payment recovery of the buyer, e.g. in the case of fraudulent use of the card or an incorrect delivery.

SCA – Strong customer authentication

PSP – Payment Solution Provider

API – Application Programming Interface 

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