A positive turn for CBD regulation: European Commission’s approval of Novel Food applications in 2022

European Committee approval process of Novel Food CBD products

When it comes to selling CBD products as a food supplement in the EU and the UK there is great value in being aware of the latest Novel Food regulations in play. These regulations are determined in the EU by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). In the UK all CBD food supplement products must comply with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) regulations.

Recently some great news for the entire CBD industry has come to light. The European Commission has announced the validation of the first Novel Food applications for CBD products. The EC has just allowed several companies to get their applications for selling CBD products to pass to the final stage of the Novel Food process. In addition, the EC is also looking into a proposal to increase the maximum THC level in hemp based food products, further broadening the possibilities of the CBD market.

The future looks bright for the CBD sector

A great number of CBD Novel Food applications have been pending for more than two years now (due to the pandemic), instigating a bit of fear, uncertainty and doubt to the CBD industry. Luckily, the recent developments at the EFSA, FSA and EC have turned this around and the future is once again looking bright for the exciting and ever-growing CBD sector.

Boris Baňas of CBDepot, one of the succesful applicants, expressed his positive outlook and stated to BusinessCann:

“This is a milestone for the industry. Finally, after more than a year the EC has formally recognised the decision of the ECJ in the KanaVape case.”

FSA adds EIHA applications for CBD isolate and CBD full spectrum to the on-hold list

Our trusted partners at the European Industrial Hemp Association have announced that EIHA Projects GmbH can move forward in the approval process (governed by the FSA) with their applications for isolate CBD and full spectrum CBD extract. These applications have now been placed on the ‘on-hold’ list, bringing them one step closer to complete validation.

Tony Reeves, member of the EIHA board, calls these events a blessing for many of its UK consortium participants. It seems that the advancements made by the EIHA have certainly helped to overcome one of the biggest regulation hurdles in the entire European CBD sector.

CBD Oil Europe provides excellent guidance for your CBD Novel Food approval

Let us help you bring your CBD products on the market legally. Our team of CBD experts will assist you in acquiring an EIHA sub-license, making your business a part of the EIHA Projects Novel Food consortium.




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