Is CBD Legal in Denmark? Updated August 2018

Is CBD Legal In Denmark

Is CBD Legal in Denmark?

Er CBD Olie lovligt i Danmark?

Is it legal to buy or sell cannabis oil if the THC content is less than 0.2%.

According to the Danish Medicines Agency: Laegemiddelstyrelsen

After 1 July 2018, cannabis products with a content of up to 0.2 % THC is no longer considered as regulated euphoriant substances. This means that it is allowed to possess and sell THC cannabis products below this limit. However, the rules regulating medicines, food supplements, food, etc. still apply in parallel and must still be observed.

It is difficult to answer in general whether cannabis products available online are now legal. It will depend on an individual assessment of the oil’s actual content, application, country of origin, production conditions and more.

But it can generally be said that many of the cannabis oils sold online contain CBD in quantities that will produce an effect in the body. Therefore, it will most likely be determined that the oil is a medicine – even if the THC content is below 0.2%.

If the cannabis oil is a medicine, it must either fulfil the rules of the Danish Medicines Act or the Act on a Medicinal Cannabis Pilot Programme.

Cannabis oil that contains CBD and is sold online is therefore most likely illegal – even if the oil contains less than 0.2% THC, because it does not satisfy the other rules that apply in the area.

Medical Cannabis In Denmark

The Danish Parliament recently announced plans to begin a four year trial of medical cannabis beginning on the 1st January 2018. The decision has been a long time coming and is the result of an initial proposal made by the coalition government back in 2014.

There is only a limited number of licences available, so the race is now on for companies to submit their proposals ahead of the 31st December cut off. Denmark has built on a framework that is already in place for the medical cannabis industry here in Europe.

Denmark’s medicines authority, Lægemiddelstyrelsen, released the details of the application process following the announcement. All licences will effectively fall under one of two categories:

  1. Permission to facilitate and grow cannabis domestically
  2. Permission to import cannabis and cannabis-based products into Denmark

Applicants must reference whether they intend to be involved in Growing, Processing or Distribution.

Licences are open to both domestic and international companies – however, all entries must be submitted in Danish. This is a similar approach adopted by Germany earlier this year – although in Denmark this requirement is geared towards bolstering local enterprise.

The new industry is being tightly regulated. To gain approval to grow cannabis, companies must gain permission via three separate public bodies: Laegemiddelstyrelsen, the Landbrugsstyrelsen agricultural agency and the national police, Rigspolitiet.

Aurora Cannabis, a Canadian medical marijuana grower based in Alberta, Ontario, produced plans earlier in the year to team up with tomato grower Alfred Pedersen & Son. The pharmaceutical company will use greenhouses run by the Danish company to cultivate the product in Odense.

The two companies came together recently via a joint venture called Aurora Nordic Cannabis. They plan to create a 93,000 sqm automated facility – set to produce 120,000 kg of cannabis per year.

The venture is designed to service the needs of other Scandinavian nations such as Sweden and Norway in line with predicted future changes in law.

Other international cannabis companies to set up shop in Denmark include Canopy Growth Corporation. This recently partnered with Spectrum Cannabis Denmark and plans to create a 40,000 sqm facility also in Odense.

Is CBD Oil Legal in Denmark?

Is CBD Legal in Denmark? CBD Oil with less than 0.2% THC is legal as long as it follows the other rules regulating medicines, food supplements & food in Denmark. The opinion of Lægemiddelstyrelsen is that Cannabis oil that contains CBD and is sold online is most likely illegal. 

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