Is CBD Legal in Finland – (Updated September 2018)

Is CBD Legal In Finland?

Is CBD Legal in Finland?

onko CBD-öljyä Suomessa laillista

Medicinal Cannabis in Finland?

Since 2008, Finland has legalised medical cannabis and reformed the formerly punitive cannabis policies.

The pharmaceutical cannabis preparation Sativex, manufactured by the UK company GW Pharmaceuticals, has been legally available in Finland since May 2012.

in 2018, Finland is expected to import over 75 kg of dried cannabis from the Netherlands, including Bedrocan, Bediol and Bedica, to treat its ailing patients

In the Finnish medical cannabis system, specialists must recommend medical cannabis before doctors can prescribe it.  Common conditions that qualify for medical cannabis in Finland include cancer, HIV/AIDS, spinal cord injuries and epilepsy. Finland does not limit which ailments are eligible for medical cannabis. Instead, patients and their physicians determine together if medical cannabis is an ideal treatment option for their conditions or symptoms.

Hemp & Cannabis Cultivation in Finland.

While you may legally possess medical cannabis in Finland, you cannot cultivate cannabis or hemp

Finland has a long history of hemp use and is renowned in the world of hemp for the development of hardy hemp varieties such as Finola, the trade name for a resilient, frost-resistant cultivar. Developed in 1995, Finola was added to the EU’s list of subsidised crops in 2003, and has since become one of the most important hemp strains in the world today.

By the 18th and 19th centuries, hemp was the number one crop in Finland. by the 1950s very little hemp was grown in Finland. Finland never passed any specific law banning the cultivation of hemp, so the practice never fully died out, particularly in some of the more remote rural areas of the country. Then, in the 1990s as global attitudes towards hemp began to shift once more, Finland experienced a revival of the hemp industry, and has since grown to become one of the most important contributors to the global hemp economy.

According to many CBD sellers, CBD is Legal in Finland but this may not be true. Their logic is that just because CBD is not psychoactive and is not explicitly listed as a banned substance therefore it’s legal.

Pharma hemp states:

“Are there restriction or is CBD oil legal in Finland? Finnish law states, psychoactive substances are restricted.

Is CBD oil legal in Finland? Yes, CBD is legal because CBD is not psychoactive and is not explicitly listed as a banned substance. “

CBD and Cannabidiol are treated as medicines in Finland and according to online forums they are confiscated at the border by customs.

Patients in Finland are buying CBDa products since these are not listed as medicines


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