CBD Oil Europe Private Label Program FAQ

White Label CBD

What is the difference between Private Label and White Label?

Private label and White label are quite similar, the main difference is when you create a private label you receive a finished product that has your logo and branding on it. This can either be just labels, or can be labels & boxes.  When you purchase something under white label we just provide the filled bottles and it’s up to you attach your own labels to the bottle.

Which is more economical, Private Label or White Label?

White labelling requires less front end investment, especially if you already have the necessary equipment and time to do the work, or have a partner that can handle small production runs. Private label it requires an upfront investment for creating the designs and labelling the bottles and putting them in boxes. Unit economics are much better because you leverage our economies of scale. Smaller productions require a higher investment if calculated per final product.

Our rates are very competitive and we specialise in CBD oil. The ink on our labels won’t smudge because they are oil resistant. Our standard print order is 10.000 units. If you don’t have the up front investment you could wait a little longer than usual so you can piggyback off another production run.

What is the typical turnaround time?

The turnaround time for private label CBD depends on the size of your order. Typically we aim to have your order ready within 20 working days from receipt & approval of your finished designs. For larger or more complex order we will give you a time estimate before you complete your final payment.

What is your MOQ?

For private label our minimum order quantity for bottled blends is 500 units per SKU and a minimum spend of €2500. If you require multiple SKU’s the minimum bottling is 500 units per SKU

For white label our minimum order quantity is €2500 per SKU.

We also offer pre-mixed bottled blends of our 4 most popular products at a lower MOQ – contact us for details and pricing.

  • 5% natural oil (full spectrum, max 0.2% THC)

  • 10% natural oil (full spectrum, max0.2% THC)

  • 5% pure oil (Zero THC) with added terpenes

  • 10% pure oil (Zero THC) with added terpenes

These products have been formulated using MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides).

Can I make medical claims on my product packaging?

You are never allowed to make any medical claims regarding CBD products. We reserve the right to terminate our business relationship with any party whenever we find them making unwarranted medical claims.

For cosmetics there are certain health claims you can make related to Cannabidiol and hemp seed oil. Please see our blog post about cosmetics and look at the EU cosing cosmetics database


Hemp Seed Oil / Cannabis Sativa Oil

 How can I make health claims on a CBD Product?

If you want to make health claims on your product please consider our other white label options.  We at CBD Oil Europe offer a range of unique formulations, blending hemp extracts with other herbs and plant extracts. The herbs we add have EFSA approved claims attached to them, and have all been designed to target a particular areas of human health. Please keep in mind, any claims can only be based on other ingredients (not on CBD) when they have health claims listed in the EFSA database.


Contact us for more details.

Can I choose what carrier oil is used in my private label CBD product?

We offer four different carrier oil. Organic hemp seed oil, Refined hemp seed oil, Olive oil and MCT oil.

Organic Hemp Seed Oil

This oil is produced by cold pressing hemp seeds. The resulting oil is high in omega fatty acids, but has a limited shelf life. Organic hemp seed oil is prone to getting rancid and can deteriorate very quickly if not stored under ideal conditions.

Refined hemp seed oil.

Our standard for food supplements is refined hemp seed oil. Refining hemp seed oil improves shelf life while preserving the nutrients in hemp seed oil. This significantly improves in shelf life and tastes more neutral.

Olive Oil.

Olive oil has a high carrying capacity for CBD, and acts as a natural preservative.


Medium Chain Triglycerides are usually extracted from the coconut. MCT’s are widely used in dietary supplements and is a very stable and neutral product, both for internal or external application

What is the shelf life of your private label products?

The shelf life of the product is dependant on how it is stored and the carrier oil use. For Organic hemp seed oil we guarantee 1 year. For Refined hemp seed oil and Olive oil we guarantee 18 months. For MCT oil we guarantee 24 months. All CBD products should be stored in a cool place and not exposed to sunlight.

What payment methods do you take?

All  payments for our private label and white label programs must me made via bank transfer in full and in advance. We can only take other payment methods like Credit Card, Paypal, Ideal etc for samples and orders under €500

What kind of bottles and pipettes do you use?

Standard bottling is in 10mL and 30mL high quality amber glass bottles and come with a pipette with an oil-proof, natural rubber seal and cap.

glass dropper bottle

Do your provide a certificate of analysis (COA)?

Yes, we provide COA’s for every order that are third party label tested by a government approved laboratory

If you require a COA in advance please contact us.

Is you product GMP certified?

Our product is manufactured to FSSC 2200 which is a standard for the food supplement industry. GMP is only required of you are a pharmaceutical company.

What kind of extraction method do you use?

Our hemp is extracted using supercritical CO2

How much THC is in your CBD Oil products.

CBD Oil Europe offers three different kinds of CBD oil blends for sale as food supplements and cosmetics. These can be marketed within Europe under different regulatory environments.

Standard Blends <0.2% THC – Full Spectrum

This blend is made by mixing carrier oil with crude extract. It contains a maximum of 0.2% THC. This product contains chlorophyll. This product is full spectrum, containing all naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that are found in hemp.

Crude blends are not decarboxylated and also contain CBDa. All crude blends can be decarboxylated on request.

Reduced THC Blends <0.05% THC – Broad Spectrum

This blend is made by mixing carrier oil with winterized extract. The THC content of this product has been reduced to below 0.05% THC. This product does not contain chlorophyll.

This product has a medium to strong taste and smell. This product is broad spectrum, with other minor cannabinoids present and THC below 0.05%

Zero THC Blends – Added Terpenes optional 

This blend is made by mixing carrier oil with isolated CBD (crystals). This product has Zero THC. Isolate blends are suitable for cosmetic use, but shouldn’t be marketed as food supplements, as that could violate the European Novel Food Guidelines.