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Do you use any solvents when producing CBD Isolate?

Yes, different solvents are used during the extraction of CBD Isolate. In the first stage carbon dioxide in its liquid phase is used under low temperature and high pressure for CO2 extraction, or ethanol (C₂H₆O) for alcohol extraction which is often much more efficient. 

No solvents are used for the second stage of purification during molecular distillation.

In the final stage of crystallization,  heptane (H3C(CH2)5CH3 or C7H16 ) is used during the chromatographic isolation process. This separates the mixture into layers during liquid column chromatography that are then individually collected, known as fractions. 

All traces of residual solvents are removed after the crystallization phase and the final isolated CBD is thoroughly tested for purity through our in house HPLC and third party laboratories.

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