Product development

Our formulators have vast experience blending oils with hemp extracts, herbs, and other natural and artificial ingredients. Furthermore, we stock a wide range of flavours, health supplements and other additives that can be added to our CBD oils on request.

If you are looking to add a specific ingredient to your oil blends contact your representative to request information on ingredients and pricing, if we do not have your ingredient yet our supply chain management team is always available to see if we can source it.

Non-oil-soluble ingredients or a mixture of more than 1-2 additives may require us to homogenize your oil blends, resulting in higher blending costs. If we can not homogenize your oil blends in conventional ways we may ask you for a product development fee to cover the cost for sampling, ordering ingredients and the laboratory time we need to develop your product. 

For more information on development fees please ask.

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