Shipping options & costs

If you need to know what the options are for you shipment in regards to customs, insurance and taxes you will be able to find what you need on this page. If you need more information on shipping and deliveries please contact us, we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

How much does shipping cost and how long does it take?

Shipping costs will vary depending on the size of your order and where you are located. We use UPS Parcel service. For orders under 20kg shipping costs typically range from €21 to €35 and take 3-5 days. Express shipping is available on request.

For our private label program we offer several courier services depending on your insurance requirements. We will prepare a shipping estimate upon the completion of your order.

How can I calculate shipment weights and dimensions

10mL Oils 

10ml oil weighs approximately 46g including label & box

28 x 29 x 19 cm  one box of 200pcs boxed 10ml weighs 9.7kg

500 units – 49kg

1000 units – 97kg

2000 units – 194kg

30mL Oils 

30ml oil weighs approximately 70g including label & box

36x36x22cm – one box contains 200 pcs 30mL weighs approx 16kg

1000 units – 64kg

CBD Gummies

Gummies 60 count jar – 176g approx 

24x34x22cm – one box contains 40 units weighs 7kg

500 units  Gummies 60 count jar – 88kg

1000 units  Gummies 60 count jar – 175kg

CBD Capsules 

30 Capsules in a box – 35g

500 units – 17.5kg net weight

3600 units – 126kg net weight

60 Capsules in a box – 62g

500 units – 31kg net weight

3600 units – 223kg net weight


Muslce & Joint Cream

1000 units – 240kg

Face Rescue Cream

500 units – 120kg – 120x80x60

1000 units – 240kg –  120x80x120

What shipping options are available for pallets?

For larger shipments (over 80 – 100kg) we offer pallet options through a platform called Eurosender. Eurosender offers different service options through a wide range of carriers, based on your requirements for speed, insurance and security. 

For large shipments of low value they offer standard shipments through couriers like DHL and Kuehne+Nagel. If speed is of the essence, some couriers also offer express delivery for pallets.

For shipments with higher value, it is possible to arrange dedicated van transport, ensuring the highest possible security and same day or next day delivery within Europe.

In the summertime, temperature controlled vans are available for shipments of gummies and other products whose quality may be influenced by high temperature.

Since prices vary from time to time, depending on the availability of vans and other modes of transport, we do not charge shipping costs upfront for larger shipments. Instead, we send you a quote for multiple delivery options once production of your order is nearly complete.

Can I arrange for my own courier to collect from you?

Yes, you are welcome to arrange your own courier. Please let us know when placing your order.

Do you ship outside of the EU?

Yes, we can export outside of the EU under Ex-Works of Free on Board – Freight Collect.

What happens if my product gets held up in customs?

We ship all bulk consignments via UPS, DPD & Eurosender couriers. CBD Consultancy Group accepts no responsibility for any issues encountered landing the goods in your selected country. It is your sole responsibility to ensure the product you purchase is legal in your country and you are allowed to import this product for your specific purposes. You must pay any extra local duties, taxes and import charges that you may incur. If the product is held up by customs for whatever reason it is 100% your responsibility.

Within the EU shipments are sent on Incoterms CIP Carriage and Insurance paid

Although we are obliged to arrange for insurance for the journey, the rule only requires a minimum level of cover, which may be commercially unrealistic. Therefore the level of cover may need to be increased and is the buyers responsibility.

For shipments outside the EU they are sent on Ex-Works

This means it’s your responsibility to arrange whatever import documents you need. It means it’s your responsibility if the package gets held for whatever reason in customs. We are happy to facilitate the shipment for you and provide the necessary COA & Invoice relating to the value of the shipment and any other documentation relating to the products origin and technical specifications.

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