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Bulk CBD balm for topical application & skincare

CBD Oil Europe is the premium supplier of topical CBD products such as CBD balm, CBD serum, CBD muscle oil and CBD emulsion. We offer wholesale topical CBD products, finished CBD skin care products and white label formulations for topical CBD applications. The following article is written for professionals looking for wholesale CBD skin products or white label solutions.

Hemp oil for cosmetics

Not all CBD products are intended for internal use. Hemp oil has been a common ingredient in cosmetics. Due to it’s high content of fatty acids (omega 3, omega 6), it is soothing for the skin and well tolerated by all skin types. Other constituents that benefit the skin are linoleic acid and oleic acid.

Topical CBD products

With the recent rise in popularity of CBD, the cosmetic industry has been among the first to recognise the potential in terms of product development. Consumers have been very enthusiastic about topical use of CBD, and amazing anecdotes are floating around the internet. Research into topical applications of CBD is showing promising results in the treatment of a rat model of arthritis.

CBD serums, oils & balms

There are several CBD skin products available, the most important of which are serums, oils and balms. The difference between those is that a serum doesn’t seal the skin and is typically more water based. A good serum will penetrate and protect the skin without sealing it, allowing the natural processes to keep doing their work. Oils are used to provide nourishment in the form of essential fatty acids and vitamins, and to give the skin a ‘shine’. Balms normally contain more waxes that seal off the skin, and act as a barrier between the skin and the environment.

There are currently a number of studies available on the use of transdermal CBD.

Topical CBD formulations with herbs & essential oils

On the forefront of product development we find combinations of CBD with other herbs. By combining CBD with other traditional skin care products, such as Calendula or Eucalyptus to name just a few, very powerful combinations are formulated.

CBD Oil Europe provides a number of such formulations that we have developed with our expert partners. They are available for white labelling, wholesale or as bulk product.

VAT rules for cosmetics & topical products

A note of caution: food supplements and cosmetics can be subject to different tax regimes. For example, in Holland, a food supplement is taxed with 6% VAT, but cosmetics fall under the category of 21%, unless they have been approved as a medical device.

If you have any questions regarding CBD skin applications, if you want to resell existing brands or white-label your own CBD skin product, please contact us and we will help you find the best solution.