Bulk cbd capsules

Bulk CBD capsules & pills 

Encapsulated CBD extract offers a number of benefits over sublingual drops.

Firstly, they mask the taste of hemp extract. The taste of hemp extract can be quite harsh and spicy depending on the method of extraction and filtration.

Secondly, CBD capsules make dosage a lot easier. Sublingual oil from a dropper bottle requires a consumer to do calculate the right amount of drops for the desired dosage and then carefully count them as they are applied under the tongue.

The rapid growth of CBD capsules

We believe CBD capsules will be one of the fastest growing segments of the CBD market because it provides good solutions to those two problems (harsh taste and difficult application).  These are the biggest pain points of the consumers experience regarding liquid CBD drops. Currently drops account for a bigger share of the market, but a shift is expected.

Acid resistant CBD capsules

Encapsulated CBD formulas must be sufficiently acid resistant to survive the journey through the stomach. If they don’t, a significant amount of cannabidiol will be lost to the stomach acid, and more will be metabolised by the liver.

We offer gelatine capsules. If you came here looking for Zeolite caps: we are sorry to say those have been discontinued, more about that below.

Gelatine CBD Oil capsules

The first kind of CBD oil capsules on the market were gelatine based capsules, in many instances their efficacy was reduced by their dissolution in the stomach and much of the active compounds were passed directly through the body. Gelatine based CBD capsules need to be oil resistant to avoid any leakage.

Zeolite CBD capsules discontinued

Unfortunately we have had to discontinue our Zeolite capsules.

Zeolite is a natural mineral (aluminosilicate), formed on the seabeds of the prehistoric world. It is a very nonreactive compound, but it’s structure makes it interesting. It’s supposed detoxifying effects has made it popular among natural food enthusiasts, however the European Commission has ruled a market authority is necessary before marketing Zeolite products as a food supplement.

If you have any questions regarding any mentioned here, if you are looking to source wholesale CBD capsules, bulk CBD capsules, or need us to supply you with custom or white label capsules, please reach out to us. We will be glad to schedule a call with one of our experts.