Bulk cbd crystals isolate

Bulk CBD Crystals & Isolate

CBD Oil Europe is the premium supplier bulk CBD isolate (crystals). CBD isolate is a useful basic material for the vape industry, among others. This article is written primarily for professionals looking to buy CBD crystals in bulk. For more information on CBD Isolate read our in depth article here

There is a lot of debate regarding CBD isolate and its perceived usefulness. When researching the benefits of cannabinoids, one quickly learns about the entourage effect. If you want to get into the details, we recommend this article about the bell shaped response curve of isolated cannabidiol. Most experts seem to agree that full spectrum / whole plant extracts offer benefits over isolated CBD.

Applications in the vape industry for e-liquids

Having said that, there are a number of applications for isolated CBD. Bulk CBD crystals are sold by the kilogram to the vape industry, for blending in e-liquids.

Another use of CBD isolate is in scientific research, where high purity can be required to answer specific research questions.

CBD isolate production methods

CBD isolate results from filtrating CBD extract and then isolating it. The most common method to achieve this is high capacity chromatographic separation. Also know as ‘column separation’. CBD extract is diluted and then pushed through a porous medium. As different size molecules travel at different speeds, the different chemicals compounds that make up the extract can be separated as they exit the separation column. The machinery needed for this process is capital intensive, and can be found in well equipped laboratories. Only a handful of CBD producers in Europe own such machinery in-house. Our partners have extensive experience in isolating CBD.

When CBD extracts are purified, they show their crystalline form. This is why CBD isolate is also known as CBD crystals.

They purity of the isolate varies between 98 and 99.99%. Depending on the composition, the CBD isolate can be pure white or slightly amber coloured.

Rules regarding CBD Crystals for food supplements & vape

CBD crystals are not allowed as an ingredient for food supplements in the European Union without pre-market authorisation, as they fall under the Novel Food guidelines. On the contrary, they are very popular as an ingredient for e-liquid (the liquid used in electronic cigarettes). The isolate is normally diluted with Propylene Glycol and mixed with Vegetable Glycerine. The resulting CBD e-liquid is hailed by it’s proponents as a less harmful alternative to tobacco, or as a method to stop smoking. These claims are at least partially backed up by scientific research.

However, it must be noted that the long term effects of vaporising Propylene Glycol are unknown, and some suggest there is a link between electronic cigarettes and a condition called popcorn lung, possibly as a result of the flavouring used in certain formulations.

Winterized CBD extract for vape

Due to the rapid development of the electronic cigarette, there are solutions on the market today that do not require using isolate mixed with Propylene Glycol. A completely winterized CBD extract can be vaped directly, using a ceramic coil electronic cigarette with a preheating function. The preheat function is needed in case temperatures are too low for the extract to flow into the heating chamber naturally. CBD extract, even after heating, is too thick to be used in electronic cigarettes that use a wick to transport the liquid to the chamber. Feel free to contact us if you need further technical explanation.

Buying bulk CBD crystals & winterized CBD extract

If you have a need to buy bulk CBD crystals, we offer high quality isolate at extremely competitive pricing. We also offer completely winterized CBD extract in bulk, with cannabinoid concentrations close to 90% and less than 0,2% THC.

For those on the forefront of cannabinoid product development: we also offer CBG (cannabigerol) isolate. Contact us if you wish to know more.



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