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CBD Oil Europe are no longer selling CBD Vape to Dutch customers due to changes in regulations.

Bulk CBD Vape

One method of consuming CBD that has gained popularity very quickly has been vaping.

One of the first companies I consulted for was a dutch vaping startup. At the time, CBD was still very unknown, and even the owners of Amsterdam’s coffeeshops mostly hadn’t heard of it. They had focussed on THC for decades.

This changed very quickly. At the end of 2017, everybody in the cannabis industry had caught on to this new trend.

What is vaping, and how does vaping CBD work?

Vaping is short for vaporising, and sometimes the word is used to describe specifically using an electronic cigarette (or vape pen). This is a small, handheld device that consists of a battery, a reservoir and a chamber with a heating element.

I became interested in this technology when it was discovered that CBD isolate could be mixed in with the e-juice (normally a 70% PG and 30% VG mixture) and vaporised. This seemed to help a number of people kicking the habit of cigarette smoking. I represented several brands on the European cannabis- and vape trade shows, and through the conversations I had, I heard many stories on the positive impact vaping CBD had on peoples lives.

Benefits of vaping CBD

There are several reasons for why people seemed to embrace this product so quickly. On the one hand, the method is very practical. Even a disposable e-cigarette, with a relatively small reservoir, lasts much more than a day for the average or even for the fanatic user. The product is small, portable, and practical. It’s size and dimensions allow for it to be travelled with without needing extra luggage, as a slim model fits in the average pocket.

Another benefit is the speed of delivery: the effects of taking a ‘vape hit’ can be felt within seconds, as the heart will pump blood from the lungs directly to the head. Especially consumers who are interested in the supposed anxiolytic effects of CBD find this method advantageous.

Also, a large number of people are used to the act of smoking, which resembles and can be easily substituted by vaping.

So how does vaping work?

Older models also used a cotton wick to transport the e-liquid (or ‘juice’) from the reservoir to the heating element. They were filled with a mixture of Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and sometimes polyethylene glycol was added. A wide variety of artificial flavours was added, and often also nicotine. In these early models, CBD isolate was added to a neutral base of PG and VG. Propylene Glycol acts as a solvent, and Vegetable Glycerine produced a cloud of vapour when heated. The reason a solvent like PG was necessary, was because the liquid had to be transported from the reservoir to the heating chamber using a cotton wick. The only way to use such a device for vaping CBD was by using a solvent such as Propylene Glycol, and mixing isolated CBD crystals.

However, as the vaping technology continued to improve, new devices appeared that did not need a base of Propylene Glycol or other chemicals to vaporise CBD. This new generation of vape pens used a ceramic chamber that didn’t use a wick for transporting the liquid, instead utilising the forces of gravity to feed the extract from the reservoir to the heating element. This kind of device allows for full spectrum extracts to be vaped, without the need for any chemical solvents such as Propylene Glycol. For this application, the device must have a pre-heat function, so the extract can be warmed up to be sufficiently liquid to be gravity-pulled onto the ceramic element.

Winterized hemp extracts for vaping

Hemp extracts must be fully winterized (fats and waxes must be removed) before they can be used in such vape pens. This is because fats and waxes are not volatile, and do not become vapour when heated. As a consequence, any fats or waxes still present in the extract when vaporised will remain stuck on the heating element, where they burn and char. This results in a burnt flavour and the creation of unwanted and unhealthy chemicals.

CBD Crystals for vaping

Another method for vaporising CBD crystals or hemp extract is by using an e-nail. This is a device that heats up an elements to a set temperature. CBD extract or isolate is then placed on the heating element where it vaporises. This vapour then travels though an extension, where is is (water) cooled and can be inhaled.

What is the best temperature to vape CBD?

CBD extracts should be vaporised between 180 and 195 degrees Celsius.

It is also possible to vaporise flowers containing CBD by using a volcano, an precise instrument for vaporising herbs. Hot air is passed through the dried material, again traveling through an extension to be cooled and inhaled. In some machines, the vapour is pumped into a balloon,

If you have any questions regarding any of the above, please reach out to us.

Wholesale and bulk CBD vape products

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