bulk water soluble cbd

Bulk water soluble CBD

CBD Oil Europe is the premium supplier of bulk water soluble CBD products. Technically those are not solutions (CBD is hydrophobic) but emulsions, where tiny droplets of CBD extract are suspended in a liquid. This article is written for professionals looking to buy water soluble CBD, or create a white label water soluble CBD product. We also supply water soluble CBD solutions in bulk.

In our blog about encapsulated CBD extract, we mentioned that the oral route, or ingesting CBD extract directly, leads to a lot of Cannabidiol being destroyed by the stomach acid, and getting metabolised by the liver.

Another way this problem can be bypassed, is by emulsifying CBD extract in water. This product is commonly referred to as water-soluble CBD, although technically it’s not a solution but an emulsion.

Because water can pass the digestive tract very quickly, the CBD suspended in the liquid doesn’t get destroyed by the stomach acid, and reaches the gut shortly after ingestion. Here it can be absorbed very quickly and with little loss of Cannabidiol. For an in depth look at other water soluble technoligies read our article here.

Water Soluble Distillate CBD


Water Soluble Isolate CBD

Water soluble CBD products

Water soluble CBD products resemble a tonic in the classical sense. A few drops of soluble CBD product can be added to a bottle of water, and after giving it a good shake, the water looks off-white, and loses its transparency. Especially the older generation is used to healthy tonics, which helps consumers embracing this relatively new phenomenon.

Familiarity is always a plus for CBD products, this is true for capsules as well as for tonics. Especially consumers who have had reservations about any products made from Cannabis Sativa, because of living a lifetime under prohibition, are more comfortable when the products ‘feels like normal products’. If people are hesitant about the product in the first place, a novel method of consumption might cause a turnoff or unwillingness to even try.

CBD in bottled water

CBD water can enter the system very fast after consumption, and this is one of the benefits of water soluble CBD. It is also practical to use, especially when compared to liquid drops that have to be placed under the tongue. It is difficult to administer regular CBD drops under one’s own tongue while also counting them. Water soluble CBD makes this process a bit easier.

Health & sports industry

The last benefit we want to highlight is the easy inclusion in lifestyle. A bottle of water soluble CBD is easy to bring to the gym or yoga class.

We think CBD has a big future in the sports world, and if you operate in the domain of workouts, teach crossfit, run a MMA or regular gym or yoga studio, we invite you to contact us. The best ambassadors for CBD products are people who are naturally interested in staying healthy. Offering CBD to your customers can be a great way to help them discover a wonderful natural product, while simultaneously boosting your revenue.

If your business is related to health, please contact us so we can find out what would be the best way for you to work with CBD products in a responsible, safe and legal manner.

If you have any other (technical) questions regarding water soluble CBD products, please contact us.