An Introduction to cold pressed CBD oil

Cold pressed CBD Oil - pipette

What is cold pressed CBD oil

Cold pressed CBD oil is a food product produced via traditional mechanical extraction processes where no heat is applied and no solvents are used. Freshly harvested hemp is washed and pressed using a large stainless steel screw. This type of extraction is often considered to be a more natural and gentle method, as it doesn’t involve the use of chemical solvents or high heat. As a result, cold pressed CBD oil may retain more of the natural plant compounds, terpenes, and other beneficial phytochemicals found in the hemp plant. This may give it a more potent and full-spectrum profile compared to other types of CBD oil.

How is cold pressed CBD oil made

Our cold pressed CBD oil is made by pressing whole plants, producing a rich full spectrum oil with a balanced cannabinoid profile, and a mild flavor.

Is cold pressed CBD oil full spectrum or broad spectrum?

Cold pressed oil always starts out full spectrum. A Natural cold pressed oil has undergone no further processing to either concentrate or purify the oil other than mechanical filtering or wax extraction. As soon as you introduce heat into the process the cannabinoid profile will change. The naturally occurring acidic cannabinoids will be reduced or removed entirely through the process of decarboxylation.

Cold pressed oil can have it’s THC content lowered to fit regulation.

Is cold pressed CBD oil subject to novel food regulations 

In 2019, the European Commission published a new regulation on novel foods, which includes CBD and CBD-based products. Under this regulation, CBD products that were not on the market in the EU before May 1997 are considered novel foods and require pre-market authorization before they can be sold. This applies to both cold pressed and other types of CBD oil. However, the specific requirements for obtaining novel food authorization may vary by country within the EU, so it’s important to check the laws in your location before selling or using CBD products.

Under the UK FSA interpretations of novel food guidelines, the main benefit of cold pressed oil is that it is not subject to Novel Food regulations. Cold pressing plant material has historical context in food. The naturally occurring cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are considered an unavoidable impurity in the hemp seed oil that is produced. 

If any concentrated cannabinoids such as CBD isolate are added to boost the CBD content, or the cold pressed oil undergoes a process of concentration or refinement to maximise the CBD content, then it will be subject to novel food regulations  in the same way CO2 or Ethanol extract are considered under the current framework

What strength CBD is available through cold pressed oil.

Untreated cold pressed CBD oil is available up to 7% strength. To achieve a higher concentration, THC levels must first be reduced. A higher percentage of CBD in the source hemp material will increase the percentage of CBD that can be achieved in the cold pressed oil.

Lower percentages are always easily achieved by diluting more oil.

Can you make high strength cold pressed oils

It is possible to blend higher strength Cold pressed oil by adding CBD isolate or broad spectrum distillate to enhance the profile. Those processes may affect the novel food classification: the exemption does not apply to an enriched product.

What are the benefits of cold pressed oil

Cold pressed CBD oil enables you to enjoy all the therapeutic benefits of a extracted full spectrum CBD oil while preserving the natural composition of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes and phytonutrients found in hemp. Full spectrum oil is understood to bring you all the benefits associated with engaging the entourage effect 

Can you decarboxylate cold pressed oil.

It’s possible to decarboxylate cold pressed CBD oil by applying heat. Cold pressed oil can be decarboxylated in the same way other oils can be decarboxylated, using mild heat.

What hemp strains are used to produce cold pressed oils

The strains we use are all EU approved hemp strains and include Carmagnola, Futura 75, Epsilon68 and Kompolti hybrid. The cold pressed method can be applied to any kind of hemp or cannabis.

Are cold pressed CBD oils suitable for animals like cats, dogs and horses?

Yes, cold pressed CBD oils are the only feed oils containing CBD  that are legal for animal use. Please be aware there are restrictions on what you can say in your marketing and ingredient list regarding this. The product must be described as hemp oil, and often no particular mention of CBD can be made.

Cold pressed CBD oil in 10mL bottle

Are cold pressed oils legal in the EU

In the EU, cold pressed CBD oil is legal. Novel food interpretations vary, and it is rumoured that the EU will follow the UK and place cold pressed outside the scope of novel food regulations. Rules regarding THC may apply independently.

What countries specifically allow cold pressed oils

In Ireland the FSAI previously specifically mentioned cold pressed oils as being exempt from Novel food but have since updated their website to remove this statement.

The purification or concentration of select components of the hemp plant including the use of certain extraction methods involving solvents, like supercritical CO2 or ethanol, in the production of hemp-derived foods or ingredients may bring them within the scope of the novel food Regulation. The reason for this is that when purifying or concentrating select components of the hemp plant, other more undesirable and possibly toxic substances could also be concentrated and therefore pose a new safety risk to consumers that must be assessed.

The UK’s FSA have said cold pressed is not considered novel food

“Hemp and related products, like cold-pressed oils, are not novel because there is evidence to show a history of consumption before May 1997. This is detailed in the EU catalogue, as is the novel food status of CBD products.

“The CBD products we are dealing with as novel foods are extracted so the composition is likely to be different to that by cold compression. Often the CBD content is deliberately concentrated, hence the differences.

“Companies are responsible for checking that any products they sell are novel. Advice on hemp products is included in our business guidance on CBD but if companies are unsure if a food they sell is novel, they can check with our novel foods team for confirmation.”

Can you make capsules from cold pressed oils

Yes, cold pressed oil is a perfect ingredient to encapsulate. Please discuss your requirements with one of our sales representatives 

Can you make gummies from cold pressed oil?

Yes, but the CBD content will be very low. Gummies are typically made with 99% cbd isolate or 80%+  broad spectrum distillates which allows greater control of the CBD content within each gummy. 

Cold pressed hemp seed oil containing CBD can be used but as earlier discussed, this will be around 7% cbd content maximum when pressing European cultivars. As an input material this is considerably lower than the high strength extracts used in gummy production.  it will probably only show traces of CBD when sent for analysis. 

If you want to make Gummies using cold pressed oil we recommend using HempCap powder which an encapsulated form of our cold pressed oil. This format is ideal for use in gummy production.

Please discuss your requirements with one of our sales representatives